James Curlin Band



james curlin band

We are the James Curlin Band... a collective of musicians passionate about worship to almighty God, the one and only that is worthy of praise.

Worship is so much more than songs...it's expressing gratitude to the one who gave all so that we may know freedom from the bondage of sin and shame...it's joining together as one voice to exalt the Creator who puts the very breath in our lungs...it's learning to walk in humility and joy before the King of heaven who has adopted us as sons and daughters.

Our desire is to see people of all ages come face to face with the reality of the gospel of Jesus Christ and what we've been saved from. We pray that they would be compelled to worship Jesus with all of their hearts when singing songs gathered as the body of believers, when stepping out into the world as lights shining His glory, and when loving others with the sacrificial love of Christ.

Join us on this beautiful journey of celebrating our risen Savior and seeing others captivated by His never-ending, overwhelming love...


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